Only Independents Amnesty

We get it, you’ve discovered this incredible little place to eat, drink, work out, buy your veg, get your car serviced or pick up your new specs.

You can’t believe your luck, and you want to keep it all to yourself, because it’s your little secret.

But we’re asking you to be an angel, and share your secret discovery with us.

If you do, we’ll approach the business you’ve recommended, and ask them to join the Oi Card.

That means you can get rewarded when you use that business in future, and you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped that business and our Oi Card members to find each other.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ll pick one person each month who’ll win a bundle of goodies to say thank you for sharing their precious discovery with us.

Submit a business to the Only Independents Amnesty