Forks Cafe opened on North Parade in October 2014 as a cafe and social enterprise, and quickly established itself as a hot city centre breakfast spot.

Upstairs in Forks is a lovely place to relax. There are a couple of sofas so comfortable they seem to be trying to eat you as you eat your breakfast. You can sit by the upstairs window and watch the world go by, grab a book from Forks Book Exchange, or even come here to be productive thanks to the free wifi and coffee on tap.

As a social enterprise, it provides ‘aspirational work experience and training’ for people who have been affected by alcohol or drug problems. But as admirable as this is, it’s far from the only reason to visit Forks Cafe, as we found out when we dropped by for breakfast.

Our breakfast visit to Forks cafe

As we arrive, the glass fronted counter tempts us with fresh pastries, cakes and sandwiches, all freshly made in store. Today’s pastries include chocolate twist, pain au raisin, cranberry twist and butter croissant. However, today’s visit is to try the new hot food menu, so we skip these with difficulty.

It’s mid morning. we need food, and we’re very glad someone invented ‘brunch’. Although at Forks, you can sample their brunch menu at any time between 8am and 4pm.

We choose to try a ‘Forks Breakfast’. It’s good to see Forks source their food locally with award-winning local butcher Ellisons of Cullingworth providing some of the ingredients.

We also pick the bacon buttie, and a side order of proper chips. And wow, these chips are something else. They are perfect in every way – big, fluffy and with just the right amount of crunch, they really make this breakfast special.

As excellent as the independent bars on North Parade have all turned out to be, it’s good to know there’s somewhere to go for a great chip too.

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