Edward Street Bakery are an independent business success story, showing that hard work and a truly superior product made with care can really pay off.

They’re also a great example of how collaborating with your neighbours can help to build something mutually beneficial to everyone.

A slow burner

Lisa and Jeremy started Edward Street Bakery in their tiny, listed terraced house in the model village of Saltaire, working out of their kitchen and converting their living room into a shop with a counter and racks of fresh baked goodies.

The opening hours were sporadic at first, and the bakery was open only once every few weeks as the pair fit the baking around other work commitments.

Whenever the bakery was due to open, Twitter was the way most people found out, and word soon spread that the food was so good they were definitely worth a follow.

A well-deserved reputation

Now the bakery is Lisa and Jeremy’s full-time focus, and it’s open much more frequently.

They bake through the night to have everything fresh and gorgeous every time they open, and watching the food get prepped via their social media is a treat in itself.

Sweet and savoury, it’s all incredible, with classic favourites and new experimental concoctions to try. The peanut butter and cornflake tart is worth walking barefoot across broken glass for (but that’s never been necessary so far).

Bigger than a bakery

The popularity of Edward Street Bakery has led to street parties outside in the summer and fairs at Christmas, turning the whole street into a visitor destination within the wider tourism offering of Saltaire.

The bakery have also collaborated with next-door neighbours from Northern Monk to make pies out of beer, created bread from the cider of a local brewer, partnered with Lishman’s of Ilkley to sell meat at the bakery, and shipped their cake to sell at the Triangle in Shipley.

The end result is a wonderful network of local producers and sellers, successfully promoting each other’s high quality goods for the greater benefit of local independent business as a whole.

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