Bradford Brewery popped up in Bradford City Centre in February 2015.

With its very Bradfordian name and the Bradford boar as its spirit animal and logo, it was clear this was a business proud to be based in Bradford.

Bringing brewing back

The Brewery is in a converted building off Westgate and Rawson Road, at the heart of the city’s fast-growing Independent Quarter, otherwise known as ‘the top of town’.

The arrival of the Brewery saw the return of the brewing industry to Bradford city centre after more than 50 years, with the former Hammonds Bradford Brewery having closed in 1955.

Bradford Brewery’s 10BBL brewplant was manufactured by Oban Ales in Scotland using components from 19 countries and has an initial production capacity of 16,000 pints per week.

The Brewfactory

The Brewery beers appear in bars around the city, but where better to sample them than in the Brewery’s own bar, the Brewfactory. Here you can also find beers from other great UK breweries, as well as award-winning pies, nachos and more.

The bar is a favourite for Bradford City fans – along with other favourites on North Parade – thanks to its proximity to Valley Parade and proud Bradfordian heritage.

It’s the kind of place you can visit on your own without feeling out of place, and the bar staff are among the friendliest you’ll find behind any bar, anywhere in the country.

Bradford Brewery also has a second site, a small pop-up ‘Made of Bradford’ bar on Ivegate in Bradford city centre, which is just as charming and welcoming.

Social stuff

You’ll find plenty of varied events happening in both bars, including a lot of things you might not expect to be hosted in a brewery. The Brewery has played host to – among other things – choral services, political debates, international theme nights and DJs.

Even when there isn’t an event on, there’s always a healthy stash of board games in the back room, and some interested artwork on the walls to keep you occupied.

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